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Steve Rothery speaks for Morow The Prog Radio!



Guy Manning talks about the UPF "United Progressive Fraternity",
 the new project of Mark Trueack with guests Jon Anderson, Steve Hackett...
for a great album  "Fall In Love With The World"

Recorded on October 2 th, 2014 in Paris, France.

More info available here :
The new album "Fall In Love With The World" is available at Amazon :

Neal Morse talks about the MorseFest November 14/15, his new solo album "Songs from November", the new Live DVD "Kaliveoscope" from Transatlantic and his involvement in Flying Colors...

The new album "Songs from November" is available at Amazon :

The new Transatlantic Live DVD "Kaliveoscope" is available at Amazon :

The new album "Second Nature" from Flying Colors at Amazon :

Recorded on October 12th, 2014 in Paris, France. 

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  • Camera-video Steven Wilson speaks for Morow the Prog Radio!

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    "With the last Porcupine Tree album, I felt I was repeating myself, it was not fresh anymore. I thought this is time I need to change. I am free now to do a country western album if I want to."
    Steven Wilson 





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  • Preferences-desktop-wallpaper Happy New Tear!

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    Happy New Year to all our listeners and fans around the world! 2015 an another great Prog year with Morow! Thank you all so much for your constancy!

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  • Camera-video The Watch interview for

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