Song history

Fri 19 Apr 2019
Played at Artist Title Album
18:18 Franck Carducci Torn Apart [Radio Edit] Torn Apart
18:11 Fish Dark Star 13th Star
18:06 Cyril The Wasteland - Home Again (New) The Way Through
17:57 Yuka Stone Age The 3rd Planetary Chronicles
17:53 Sunchild Day of Destiny The Wrap
17:46 Distorted Harmony Awaken (New) A Way Out
17:42 Genesis Misunderstanding Fiaba
17:38 Alias Eye Indentured Pride In-Between
17:34 Little atlas Stage Silence
17:25 D-Project TellMe Find Your Sun
17:20 Ray Wilson Take It Slow Chasing Rainbows
17:13 Spock's Beard The Man Behind The Curtain X
17:06 Project Patchwork Yearning For Confraternity (New) Re|Flection
16:59 Saga Don't Be Late Saga - Worlds Apart Revisited
16:55 Hidden Lands Stiletto Runner In Our Nature
16:40 Galasphere 347 The fallen angel (New) Galasphere 347
16:36 Pink Floyd Young Lust The Wall Disc 1
16:32 Sand Cla Sand
16:25 Magenta Gluttony Classic Rock presents Prog: Prognosis 4
16:16 Karcius Absence of Light (New) The Fold
16:11 Gazpacho Gold Star March of Ghosts
16:07 Agents Of Mercy Conspiracy Dramarama
16:02 MYSTERY How do You Feel? (New) Lies and Butterflies
15:59 Peter Gabriel Humdrum Peter Gabriel 1
15:57 Yes Fly From Here pt V - We Can Fly Reprise Fly From Here
15:42 Riverside Second Life Syndrome Second Life Syndrome
15:35 Kinetic Element Epistle (New) The Face of Life
15:26 Huis Beyond the Amstel Despite Guardian Angels
15:18 Liquid Tension Experiment Paradigm shift Liquid Tension Experiment
15:13 Shumaun The Writing's on the Wall (New) One Day Closer to Yesterday
15:10 Marillion Punch And Judy Classic Rock Presents Prog: Prog Rocks!
15:04 Ayreon Condemned To Live The Source
14:59 Moonshine Burning Out (New) Blast Reality Fear
14:53 ASIA Here Comes The Feeling Asia
14:43 Thought Chamber Transcend Psykerion
14:39 Liquid Scarlet Rhododendron II
14:34 Head With Wings Somewhere Something Gives (New) From Worry To Shame
14:22 Franck Carducci Alice's Eerie Dream Oddity
14:18 Beardfish Tightrope Classic Rock Presents Prog: Prog Rocks!
14:12 Twenty Four Hours Adrian (New) Close - Lamb - White - Wall
14:08 Genesis More Fool Me Archive 1967-1975
14:03 ElF Project Out Of The Storm Three
13:52 Guilt Machine Twisted Coil On This Perfect Day
13:48 Dilemma Intervals (New) Random Acts Of Liberation
13:37 The Black Noodle Project The Wanderer Of Lost Moments Ghosts & Memories
13:31 Sunchild The Wrap Intro The Wrap
13:27 Distorted Harmony Puppet On Strings (New) A Way Out
13:19 Kansas Journey From Mariabronn Kansas
13:13 Pink Floyd Louder Than Words The Endless River (Deluxe Edition)
13:07 Carptree Celestial Sky (New) Subimago