Song history

Sun 11 Apr 2021
Played at Artist Title Album
20:07 Cast Ilusions And Tribulations Power And Outcome
20:02 Riverside Acronym Love Voices In My Head
19:57 Kansas Jets Overhead (New) Jets Overhead
19:49 The Mute Gods The Singing Fish Of Batticaloa tardigrades will inherit the earth
19:43 Spock's Beard Made Alive - Overture Snow
19:39 Steve Hackett Heat Of The Moment The Tokyo Tapes
19:29 Monomyth Ark M Further
19:22 Moon Safari Dance Across The Ocean A Doorway To Summer
19:14 Liquid Tension Experiment The Passage Of Time (New) The Passage of Time
19:11 Big Big Train Uncle Jack English Electric, Part One
18:59 Witty Alley Heartquake Some Kind of Wit
18:56 Anubis White Ashes (New) Homeless
18:46 Yes Machine Messiah Drama
18:39 Freaky Jelly Nothing to Feel Behind the Memories
18:33 Jakko M Jakszyk It Would All Make Sense (New) Secrets
18:28 Peter Gabriel Here Comes the Flood Peter Gabriel 1
18:21 The Prog Collective Are We To Believe? Epilogue - Deluxe Edition
18:16 Burntfield Sub-Zero Hereafter
18:13 Airbag A Day at the Beach Part 1 (New) A DAy At The Beach
17:52 Cryptic Vision Infinite Possibilities Of Infinite Possibilities
17:48 Overvibe Turn The Screw Turn The Screw
17:39 Esthesis Still Far To Go (New) The Awakening
17:34 Pink Floyd On The Turning Away A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
17:30 The Interspheres Like it is Relations in The Unseen
17:23 Anathema Anathema Distant Satellites
17:18 Once And Future Band Problem Addict Deleted Scenes
17:11 Amplifier Matmos Echo Street
17:07 Carptree There Like Another Superhero
17:03 Johnny Bob E Hengeyokai (New) gberts Barber Shop
17:00 Rick Wakeman Mount Etna Journey to the Centre of the Earth
16:52 T The Irrelevant Lovesong Psychoanorexia
16:45 Arc Of Life Just In Sight (New) Arc Of Life
16:41 Saga Careful Where You Step Saga - Worlds Apart
16:35 Chris Distances Days Of Summer Gone
16:25 Presto Ballet King Of The Stars Love What You've Done With The Place
16:22 Steven Wilson 12 Things I Forgot (Edit Radio) (New) The Future Bites
16:16 Semantic Saturation Time is an Illusion Solipsistic
16:15 Porcupine Tree III Great Expectations The Incident
16:07 Fish On Friday Murderous Highland Highway (New) Black Rain
16:01 Genesis The Chamber Of 32 Doors The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway [Disc 1]
15:55 Kaipa Srewed-upness Sattyg
15:50 Marillion Hard As Love Less Is More
15:46 Haken Canary Yellow (New) Canary Yellow
15:42 Blackfield Pills IV
15:28 Karfagen Carpathians Solitary Sandpiper Journey
15:18 Cross Reversing Fate (New) Opus Eleven
15:14 ASIA Sole Survivour Asia
15:07 The Rome Pro(G)ject ...April 21st 753 B. C. The Rome Pro(G)ject
15:01 The Flower Kings Broken (New) Islands
14:56 Supertramp Crime Of The Century Crime Of The Century