Song history

Thu 19 Jul 2018
Played at Artist Title Album
03:21 Spock's Beard The Emperor's Clothes X
03:14 Jan Schelhaas Living On A Little Blue Dot (New) Living On A Little Blue Dot
03:05 MYSTERY Delusion Rain Delusion Rain
03:00 Bass, Colin Burning Bridges An Outcast of the Islands
02:55 Anathema Endless Ways (New) The Optimist
02:49 Genesis The Lady Lies ...And Then There Were Three...
02:45 Sylvan The Words You Hide Part Two Sceneries
02:39 Phideaux Rainboy The Great Leap
02:29 Kaipa What's Behind The Fields Children Of The Sounds
02:23 Perfect Beings Removal of the Identity Chip Perfect Beings
02:13 The Flower Kings End On A High Note Paradox Hotel
02:04 Barock Project Broken feat.Peter Jones (New) Detachment
01:59 Pink Floyd Have A Cigar Wish You Were Here
01:52 Flying Colors One Love Forever Second Flight Live At The Z7
01:44 Fish on Frday Unreal (New) Quiet Life
01:40 King Crimson Matte Kudasai Discipline
01:34 The Neal Morse Band Slave To Your Mind The Similitude Of A Dream
01:29 Jon Anderson Hold On To Love In The City Of Angels
01:22 Sons of Apollo Signs Of The Time (New) Psychotic Symphony
01:18 Seasons Of Time Ignorance Open Doors to Open Plains
01:08 Pain of Salvation Enter rain Scarsick
01:05 The Watch It's Only A Dream (New) Seven
00:59 Gentle Giant Alucard Gentle Giant
00:56 RnL The Avenger The Avenger
00:51 Neal Morse Heaven In My Heart Sola Scriptura
00:44 Lisa LaRue Recurring Dream (New) Origins
00:31 Carptree Land of Plenty Nymf
00:27 Spock's Beard Days We'll Remember (New) Noise Floor
00:20 Jethro Tull Black Satin Dancer Minstrel in the gallery
00:12 An Endless Sporadic Sky Run Magic Machine
00:04 The Aaron Clift Experiment Dream Within a Dream (New) If All Goes Wrong
Wed 18 Jul 2018
Played at Artist Title Album
23:59 Emerson, Lake The Barbarian Emerson, Lake
23:55 Anathema Sunlight Weather Systems
23:50 IQ Overture Subterranea Disc 1
23:45 Straight Light Love Over Power (New) Love Over Power
23:39 Centric Jones Boomer The Anitkythera Method
23:30 Shadow Gallery Rain Room V
23:24 Unitopia More Than A Dream More Than A Dream: The Dream Complete
23:21 Genesis Lillywhite Lilith Archive 1967-1975
23:18 Enochian Theory Inversions Life And All It Entails
23:12 Starcastle Red Season Song of Times
23:04 Carpet Temper (New) Secret Box
23:00 The Mute Gods Early Warning tardigrades will inherit the earth
22:56 Arena Double Vision The Visitor
22:50 Lazuli Les cotes (New) Saison 8
22:43 Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb Echoes
22:34 Cell15 Faith Without Works Chapter One
22:30 Karfagen Curious Talk (New) Messages From Afar, First Contact
22:22 Yes Siberian Khatru Close To The Edge
22:17 Pain Of Salvation Poslinoleum Falling Home